The processing of corrupted Lotus Notes files

Lotus Notes application suggests trying a common environment for all users, connected to this system so you may store the settings, objects and some other parameters on your computer as a form of *.nsf files. Keep in mind the damage of specified *.nsf files may result in the stall of some operations and user activities if the data was not backed up previously. However, there is no need to panic if you have not thought about backing up this information, you can now get Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox and start the process of data recovery without some kind of additional provisions, just get the installer of Lotus Notes recovery program and get it to work by clicking this document. As soon as it is completed, you may simply follow the instructions of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox, it is enough to avoid possible errors.

Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox does the following:

  • retrieves the data from corrupted files and saves it into clean document of *.nsf format
  • recovers the data into output files of *.nsf format
  • supports all available versions of Lotus Notes starting from 2003
  • works with any version of MS Windows and on virtually any hardware
  • previews the data from *.nsf files without the necessity of Lotus Notes installation

The configuration of specified workstation is not really important, Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox works on virtually all PC’s without the loss of productivity. Besides, the usage of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox in its free version does not imply the installation of Lotus Notes on your computer, the previewing of repaired data using the free version of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox can be performed using any file of *.nsf supported format and without the installation of Lotus Notes environment. Keep in mind the output files of *.ncf format are fully compatible with Lotus Notes so you may open these documents in this application on any other computer.

Please note you may evaluate the efficiency of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox immediately as soon as you encounter the damage of corrupted Lotus Notes files, actually the data can be restored without the usage of backup copies and external data recovery services that guarantees the privacy of all data recovery activities. Thanks to the small size of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox this application is easy to download so you may start the analysis immediately as soon as the damage occurs, just get the small installation file on your PC, click this file to proceed and follow other guidelines. The recovery of Lotus Notes files represents an easy sequence of steps that should be performed for the successful completion of Lotus Notes fix. Use the shortcut of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox to start, evaluate the interface of this tool first and move to the first stage by clicking the open file button.

During this step you may select a file of *.nsf format, located anywhere in the local area network, check the path when done and move to the following stage, by clicking the Analyze button, it is possible because there are no additional settings, instructions and guides, the automation of all user activities permits repairing Lotus Notes files without some kind of extra explanations. There is no need to modify some kind of additional settings before the analysis, just look at the status bar during the processing of selected document and check it is up and running till the end of analysis. After the end of Lotus Notes fix this application automatically moves to the following stage where you may preview the results of analysis in the Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox directly. Please double check the results by scrolling down the list of repaired items and evaluate the state of recovered data.

Despite the efficiency of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox the success of data recovery depends on various factors so there is no way of getting your data back if the input file of *.nsf format is seriously damaged for any reason, please use the backup of needed information if you’d like to guarantee the success of data recovery and make sure all items are successfully repaired. If you have not activated Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox yet, other steps of this application are disabled, please visit the online store of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox and purchase your personal registration information to unlock other features of this tool. It can be done in several minutes, as for the registration key, it is delivered by email not later than in 24 hours so you may successfully keep on using Lotus Notes using the existing database of contacts, messages and other items.

After the arrival of your personal registration information you may copy and paste your key into the Help-Enter registration code area, it removes the restrictions of free version so you may export the data into a newly created *.nsf file or use an existing document of specified format for this purpose. Please select a method of data export you are going to apply and use the Start recovery softkey. As soon as it is done, Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox copies the data into a clean file of *.nsf format, this document is created by Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox if necessary or you may simply use an existing database of *.nsf extension. Hope it was not really complicated and you can now repair corrupted Lotus Notes files safely and without some kind of external services, engineers and assistance.

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Note: project do require donations from the users of Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox, please make yours to remove all restrictions of free version. Please note that Lotus Notes Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a free tool. This is a regular product with a free DEMO easy version. The program is not provided under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Our software development team has invested a lot of time and efforts into making it a remarkably efficient product and we have no intention to distribute it as a free tool.


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